• 250 gms.
  • Raw materials originated from local resources.
  • No artificial ingredients added.
  • 30 servings approx.
  • Assists in growing stronger bones and body height.
  • A Complete Natural nutrition food (powdered grains).

With healthy routines that includes atleast 30 minutes of physical exercises and good dieting, achieving desired body is not a far-fetched fairytale story.


Ayur Malt-Veeta Calcium Rich Food is hygenically prepared food from locally available nutritious and healthy edible grains, nuts and dried fruits. The main reason why this product was created by our nutritionist and experts is to provide energy, protiens and amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals along with calcium, iron, magnesium.

Main Purpose:

Ayur Calcium Rich helps in gaining body height and massas the ingredients in this product are specially for assisting to have good body structure and strong bones. Therefore, this product is highly beneficial for solving nutritional deficency syndromes and works very effectively in attaining optimum bone with healthy brain and body fucntion.

Major Ingredients:

Winter cheery,Mucuna pruriens, Black soyabeans, Walnut, Peanut, Great millet, Pistachio, Almond, Sesame seed, Buck wheat, Cashew, Sweet melon and chocolate.

Bottom Line:

As this product’s main purpose is to care bones, consuming this 2-3 times a daymayboost the growth hormones of body and increases bones vitality making body strong and healthy.

It is strongly recommended for kids suffering from growth hormone deficency syndrome and for men and women after age of 30.

Please consult your physican before starting any new diet and routines.
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